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Body Lotion - 15pcs

Body Lotion - 15pcs

JP¥89,765.00 Ex Tax:JP¥89,765.00

Moisturize and nourish your skin to health with Rahua Body Lotion. This rich 100% natural, organic, gluten free and vegan Body Lotion uses a fabulous ..

Organic Lavender Oil - 5pcs

Organic Lavender Oil - 5pcs

JP¥34,789.00 Ex Tax:JP¥34,789.00

A luxuriant blend of 11 healing oils with multi-layered therapeutic benefits on both body & mind Our organic Lavender encourages stillness & r..

Rose Floral Water - 15pcs

Rose Floral Water - 15pcs

JP¥67,854.00 Ex Tax:JP¥67,854.00

Delicately-scented, the Rose flower water refreshes and tonifies all skin types.Only one spray on a cotton pad then apply.Volume: 100ml..

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